Warhound by Celtic Bolt
Heavily-armored martial arts brawler (and lycanthrope) who uses his superhuman strength and special forces knowledge to protect the innocent and crush evil in his massive fists.
Player: Coming Soon
Real Name: Thorgar
Known Aliases: None
Species: Werewolf
Age: 36
Height: Human 8'-6": Were 12'-9"
Weight: Human 480lbs Were 1200lbs
Eye Color: Human; Blue : Were; Gold
Hair Color: Human; Blonde : Were; Black fur
Origin: Meta
Identity: Coming Soon
Nationality: Texan
Occupation: Bounty Hunter
Place of Birth: San Antonio, TX
Base of Operations: Gotham
Marital Status: Single
Known Relatives: None Known

----Central Bureau of Investigations metahuman report file: USTX664-LRMH-C.B.I. 2009

Subject: Thorgar

Known History: Subject Thorgar showed up 2 years ago in a Biker gang HQ in Arizona, after beating them to a pulp he stole some clothes, money, weapons and a bike. Then tied them up and called the police leaving enough evidence to make a lasting arrest.

He next showed up in Texas, foiling a bank robbery and turning the perps over to the local police. Shortly after he beat a meta-criminal pulling of a diamond heist in Dallas, TX for which he received the reward for the villains capture. With in two weeks Thorgar had registered as a local bounty hunter and started bringing in super powered bounties that the police could not handle.

With in 6 months he had become somewhat of a minor celebrity in Texas. Bringing in more than a few super-powered criminals to justice. During one such encounter his opponent reacted to him in an odd way. After seeming shocked at his survival of an unknown event the meta-criminal used an unknown weapon to cause (previously thought invulnerable) the subject a serious wound through the shoulder. This event we believe triggered what followed; The subject howled in pain then changed into a large bipedal wolf-like creature and proceeded to tear off the arm of the meta-criminal. The meta-criminal fled the seen with the subject in chase. This is the last official sighting of Thorgar on Record.

end file. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Central Bureau of Investigations Metahuman report file: USNY887-LRMH-C.B.I. 2010

Subject: Warhound

Known History:

Subject Warhound arrived on the scene 4 months ago during a bust gone bad on a Kobra base. Warhound pulled our men out of the line of fire and saved their lives. Then proceeded to crush the enemy, while he did not kill anyone the amount of pain and damage dealt was brutal. He has been seen in both Bludhaven and Gotham since then. He does not seem to limit himself to nights as most of the other vigilantes do. He has repeatedly gone after Kobra, Inter-gang, the Mob, and any other organized and well funded criminal organization, we are not sure his motives at this point just the shear amount of damage he is causing these groups is setting them back severely. For now just keeping tabs on the new guy, he may be a great help or another nut job Vigilante, time will tell.

End File.

Personality + Traits

- (WIP)

Skills: His skills are from a misspent youth and his years in the military.

Heavy/Nato Weapons: has training as a special forces Sgt of heavy weapons, specializing in urban pacification.

Demolitions: can make, use, and disarm explosives/detonators both domestic and foreign.

Martial Arts: has studied extensively with commando, Pankration, Pro-wrestling, and Street-fighting styles of unarmed combat. He has studied (and has a love of) ancient weapons of all types though he prefers heavy two handed weapons such as the Tetsu-Bo, Maul, and Great Sword.

Field Mechanic: Naturally gifted with an understanding of mechanical engineering, he subbed as the squads sabotage and vehicle acquisition man.

Powers + Vulnerabilities
----Powers: His powers come from a mixture of the super-soldier process mixing with his latent genetic powers of being a werewolf. His human powers are increased substantially when he is in Werewolf form.

Shape Shifting: can change shape into a werewolf, wolf, or human at will. High emotional state can cause him to shift as well.

Super Strength: human form can lift up to 300 tons, werewolf can lift in excess of 30,000 tons

Invulnerability: Is immune to most physical damage, though not immune to kinetic force making it so he can be tossed about by explosions but not harmed by them.

Regeneration: can heal almost all wounds over time even lost limbs. His body rejects poisons very fast, even lethal poisons will be expunged though he will still be violently sick from the effects as they pass. He does not know the extent of the regeneration but the more serious the wound the longer it takes (lost limbs takes days to weeks). He can use a form of super regeneration by transforming from one form to the next.

Heightened senses: In human form has wolf like hearing and sense of smell, in werewolf form his sense of hearing and smell are hyper acute beyond a natural wolfs (could smell the metabolic changes in a pregnant woman with in a week of conception).

Shifter Lightning: By starting a shift but forcing the energy to be redirected he can generate massive amounts of electricity and direct it anywhere on his person or throw it out as a directed attack.

Known Weakness(es):

Silver: In human form silver wounds him as normal and heals at half the rate as his normal fast regeneration. In Werewolf form he takes roughly half damage from silver making it more capable of hurting him than any other weapon out there. Note: silver does not burn him or is toxic to him so he can wear silver jewelry with no problem.

Limited Control: due to the overwhelming instincts and sensory overload as a werewolf, Warhound has less control of his action in this form. He follows the instincts of a large predator but still has his memories and is still him he just has more difficulty controlling his wolfish Impulses. This can be anything from being feral and lethal to enemies to being puppy-ish and playful with friends and family.

Hyper sensitivity: due to his heightened senses sharp increases in sound or scent can stun or confuse him.

----Known Paraphernalia:

Armor and Costume: using his old contacts and information he obtained substantial funds and resources which he turned to having a suit of armor to protect himself in human form that would shift and stay with him in werewolf and wolf form.

War Hog: has a heavily modified Harley Davidson street hog, that can support his weight and is both armed and armored.

Is still looking for good weapons his size to use. Though he does carry a back up custom made 20mm revolver.

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