A moderate-to-heavy roleplaying league for DC Universe Online. Founded in January of 2010.
Site Contacts:
Revenant (Zerothgal) The Hornet (The Cyphre)
Inspired in part by The Outsiders and Justice League Elite.
The Øthers are slightly darker, grittier hero characters gathered together to form a new DC Universe Online "league", based in Gotham City. As the name suggests, the league consists of costumed heroes who for one reason or another do not fit the norms of the mainstream superhero community... groups such as the Justice League, Justice Society or The Peacekeepers.
The Øthers were founded in the wake of "The Event" by the vigilante detective known as The Hornet, motivated by the forsight that, along with all the problems caused by the proliferation of both law-abiding and criminal superbeings on Earth, those with evil intent would surely take advantage of the confusion to sew seeds of chaos. The world was under siege.
Enlisting the aid of Revenant, "The Ghost of Gotham", the two soon forged an "underground" team comprised of like-minded superhero community outsiders to act as hunters: a semi-sanctioned, covert operations unit of costumed heroes formed to hunt and eliminate meta-human and terrorist threats before they go public, while often using tactics unapproved of by the mainstream. Estranged from their peers, they are able to take the fall in public opinion that most supergroups cannot. They are... The Øthers.

"The Event" is the as of yet unknown backstory in DCUO by Geoff Johns explaining the sudden proliferation of superbeings in the DCU.&nbsp

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