A pulp hero wanted by the law
Player: Green Kaoz
Real Name: Malcolm Reynolds
Known Aliases: Jacob Ashton
Species: Human
Age: 111
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 190
Eye Color: Gray/Blue
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Origin: Technology
Identity: Josh Reynolds
Nationality: American
Occupation: Writer
Place of Birth: Gotham City
Base of Operations: Gotham City
Marital Status: Widowed
Known Relatives: Numerous

In his early youth, Malcolm decided to explore the world, being the son of a wealthy nightclub owner he had more freedom than many people his age. It also exposed him at a very early age to the more seedy side of Gotham. He quickly found himself frustrated at the injustices he perceived in the world. When he came back home to his own country, he became focused on post prohibition world of the mafia and racism, which he thought were key drivers of allowing some criminals were above the law. With this in mind he became Green Kaoz.

He got his start in the late 1940s; he started out in a disguise (just hiding who he was) then later switched to his infamous persona dressed in dark green suit with a fedora and scarf (he had a mask that covered most of his face). Many believe that Green Kaoz was and is a criminal. He worked outside the law and went after criminals he thought were not vulnerable to traditional law enforcement.

He continued this fight well past his prime and his last adventure as Green Kaoz was near fatal. After witnessing a couple killed in front of their child Green Kaoz chased the thug into a warehouse. He was shot and barely survived after defeating the thug, but he survived though he was never able to don his costume. Later in life he grew bitter and old, he took over the family business of owning bars, nightclubs, and strip joints.

Suddenly, he was one of the people hit by the exobyte wave. He found himself young again, but much more - he was stronger, faster, and even more intelligent. He is no longer the bitter old man and finds himself doing what he truly loves for the adventure of it again.

Green Kaoz is a street fighter who created his own devices to aide himself in fighting crime. Currently, he wears a trench coat and a hat with his face covered completely to disguise who he is. He has built within this attire light cloth-like armor to protect himself when fighting. He carries a pistols that shoots a variety of special ammunition and a collapsible cane which he sometimes utilizes in melee combat.

He is very athletic and has spent many years perfecting his fighting techniques. He finds it best to work in secret not letting the public know or even see him at work. He has long since accepted his nature and finds that he has remarkable recuperative powers. He was born Malcolm Reynolds but is currently Jacob Ashton (when not in costume). He makes his living having inherited the bars, nightclubs, and strip clubs from himself.

Due to his “underworld persona” he avoids publically fighting in conjunction with other heroes and instead fights solo against crimes (taking out the competition). He has been reborn inheriting his fortune from himself. He appears to be in his early 30s. He finds it difficult to have relationships having watched his wife die and his children age around him. He has an estranged relationship with his surviving children and has not been in contact with them for many years.

The events have made him decide that he should come out of retirement again, and seek a group that will help him in his goals of protecting those who can’t protect themselves.

Scan-100729-0001 copy

Personality + Traits
Secretive and sarcastic, a rogueish, and somewhat manipulative con artist, and at times a thief - a Robin Hood type character

Powers + Vulnerabilities

A marksman with his pistols, he utilizes special ammo to help him take down his opponents

Utilizes brain to maximum capacity (very intelligent)

He is basically human and as such he can be hurt. He has devised items to assist in his healing process.

He uses unique items to assist in most things but tries to disguise their nature so that people will think they are ordinary in nature.

Gun, Collapsible Kane, Cloth Armor, Gas Mask –voice altering rebreather, flash and gas protective goggles, link computer and communicator

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